SK100 Digital Mixing Console

Portable Live Sound Card Mobile Phone Live Broadcast Karaoke Voice Changer with Variants Tones Mixers Sound Card Live for Dodge MC Reverb KTV and Soundtrack

Item No.





Built-in 18650 / 2000mAh

Details About SK100 Digital Mixing Console

  • Voice changer – Can be used for live mobile phone, live computer, WeChat, QQ, phone voice for funny chat
  • 23 special effects and 14 kinds of electronic sound for your choice.
  • Comes with 4 variants tones – Male voice, female voice, baby sound and magic sound, making your chat more interesting.
  • Selectable scenes for you to enjoy – Dodge, MC, reverb, KTV and soundtrack.
  • To enjoy music or live broadcast, to attract more fans for you.

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